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The SVMC, founded in 1975, is the  National Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music. The ISCM, founded in 1922 in Salzburg, is a world organization that brings together more than 50 country members. For more information, see ISCM.

Compact Disc - 25 Años
This is the first edition of the series Antología de Compositores de Venezuela, with music of  Diana Arismendi, Alfredo Marcano, Federico Ruiz, Adina Izarra, Josefina de Benedetti, Emilio Mendoza and Alfredo Rugeles, produced by the SVMC.

CD 25 Años

For more information, see 25 Años

 Latinamerican Music Festivals

The SVMC has contributed with various editions of this important event for the development of contemporary music in our country. For more information about its history, composers, works performed, see  Festival.

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